18th century Italian Florentine Commode

18th century Northern Italian, probably Florentine, neoclassical commode, incorporating 17th century Florentine mother of pearl, lapis lazuli, stained bone, coral and marquetry panels attributed to Leonard van der Vinne (c. 1630-1713). Known as an intarsiatore (intarsia artist) and cabinetmaker, Flemish master Leonard van der Vinne specialized in inlay techniques, helping to spread the taste for inlaid floral patterns made of exotic wood, ivory, and mother-of-pearl throughout Europe. He moved to Italy to work in the Medici manufactory from 1659 until his death in 1713. His work can be found in the Getty Museum (night clock), the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.

47,5 po.
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